Standard Toolbar

The Standard toolbar contains the following tools:

  • New

    Opens a new blank document in a new tab.

  • Open

    Displays the Open Page dialog. The display is initially filtered to show only .A5W pages, but you can change the filter to display HTML pages, or all files.

  • Save

    Saves the contents of the current tab. If you have not saved the current document, the editor displays the Save As... dialog to define the name, format, and location of the file.

  • Execute Page

    Publishes and previews the page without images in the LivePreview directory. This preview is after Application Server processing. This function is enabled only when the Application Server is running. Refer to Starting and Stopping the Application Server.

  • Debug Page

    Opens the page in the Xbasic Script Debugger.

  • Publish

    Publishes the page to the local webroot.

  • Cut

    Removes the selected page elements to the Windows Clipboard.

  • Copy

    Copies the selected page elements to the Windows Clipboard.

  • Paste

    Pastes the contents of the Windows Clipboard to the cursor location.

  • Undo

    Restores the edit buffer to its state before the last keystrokes.

  • Redo

    Restores the edit buffer to its state before an Undo operation.

  • Insert A5W Code

    Displays the Insert A5W Code dialog, which allows you to place Xbasic code into the page.

  • Insert Component

    Displays the Insert Component dialog, which allows you to select and insert a previously created component.

  • Insert Image

    Displays the Select Image dialog, which allows you to search for images and add them to your page.

  • Insert Table

    Displays the Insert Table dialog, which allows you to define table characteristics, then inserts the table at the cursor location.

  • Hyperlink

    Displays the Hyperlink dialog. The dialog inserts the hyperlink URL and its description with the following HTML code: ref="URL">URL_Description.

  • Check Spelling

    Displays the Spell Check dialog, which supports interactive spell checking of the contents of the edit buffer.

  • Code Library

    Hides and displays the Code Library toolbar.

  • Help

    Displays Help


Web publishing applications only.

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