Other properties


Define other properties for the Grid Component.


"Other properties" are properties that can be defined for a component but are not listed in any builder interface. The following properties can be added to the Grid Component in the Other properties setting:


With this flag turned on, the Grid displays timing information for how long various parts of the Grid execution are taking. This is useful for debugging a slow component.


tmpl.timer = .t.
tmpl.timer should be turned off in a production environment.

The timing information is automatically added to the page. It is typically shown below the Grid Component:



Displays detailed information for errors when performing a query against the Grid component's data source. Useful for debugging purposes.


tmpl.showErrorDetail = .t.
tmpl.showErrorDetail should be turned off in a production environment.

If there is an error in the SQL query used to populate the Grid, you may see the following message:


To see full error details, the tmpl.showErrorDetail property needs to be enabled. With this property enabled, Alpha Anywhere will display a more detailed error message, which may help in tracking down why the SQL query failed: