Adding Users


Users must be registered in the users table in order to log into your web application. Learn how to add them using the Web Security tools.

All users who login to your web application have to be first registered in the user table.

  1. Display the Web Projects Control Panel.

  2. Click Security to display the Web Security dialog.

  3. Select Users and Groups and click OK to display the Web Users and Groups dialog.

  4. Display the Users tab. For each person:

    • 1. Click Add User to display the Add New User dialog.

    • 2. Enter the appropriate values in the controls shown. The controls shown are determined by the security parameters selected for the User ID configuration and Data Recovery options. For example, if data recovery is enabled, you will be prompted to enter the email address and possibly security question information for the user account.

      Adding a new user with User ID configured as "Value" with data recovery setup to require a "Valid Email Address".
    • 3. Click OK.

  5. Display the Users tab. For each person set the appropriate group assignments. Select a User and click the checkbox for a group to assign the selected user to the group. Uncheck the box for the group to remove the selected user from that group.

If user security has been published to the web, you can create UX Components to work with users in the security system. There are several pre-built templates for creating interfaces to work with users and groups on the web. Watch the videos below to learn more.


Web publishing applications only.

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