SQL::TableSnapshot Class


A SQL::TableSnapshot loads and stores the definition and data for a single table.


AddRow Method

Add a row to the collection of rows.

Clear Method

Removes all data and definitions from the snapshot.

Clone Method

Make a complete copy of the object and its contents.

DeleteRow Method

Removes the RowSnapshot at a specific index in the collection of row snapshots.

InsertRow Method

Inserts a RowSnapshot into the collection of row snapshots just prior to the row specified by the argument named InsertBefore.

Load Method

Load definitions and data from a table in an open database connection.

LoadDBF Method

Load definitions and data from a table in the currently open workspace.

MoveRow Method

Move a block of one or more row items within the collection of rows.

NewInstance Method

Make a new and empty TableSnapshot.

RowNumber Method

Looks up the index number of the row name provided.

Store Method

Creates a table and stores data contained in the snapshot into the database referenced by the open connection provided. If the parameter CreateTables is set to false, the table is assumed to exist.

StoreDBF Method

Creates a DBF table and populates them from the definitions and data contained in the snapshot. The table is created in the directory of the currently open database and added to the database.