{dialog.object}instantUpdateUseAutoUpdate Method





Indicates if auto update should be enabled or disabled. A value of true enables auto update. false disables auto update.


Enables or disables automatically checking for updates in a Cordova app that includes Instant Update.


By default, if you build a Cordova App and you turn on the Instant Update feature, every time the App is launched in a device, the App will check if a new version is available. You can turn this default behavior off.

When you define your Cordova project, the Instant Update Settings dialog has a property called Automatically check for update when App is started. If you uncheck this property, the App will not check for a new version when it is started.

Use the {dialog.object}.instantUpdateRefresh() method to force a check for a new version at runtime.

You can toggle this setting on or off at run-time using this method. For example:

// Disable auto update:

// Enable auto update:


Cordova Applications with Instant Update Only

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