{dialog.object}listColumnSelector Method


{dialog.object}.listColumnSelector(ele, listName [, maxHeight]);



A pointer to the element that the pick-list should be shown below. Typically, if the method is on a button, ele will be the this object, which causes the pick-list to be displayed below the button.


The name of the List control.


The maximum height of the pick-list. Use CSS units (in, px, em, etc. Percentages % are not supported.) For example: 300px.

If the pick-list has more items than can fit within the allowed height, the pick-list will scroll.


Displays a pick-list of all columns in the currently active columnar List layout. Clicking items in the pick-list toggles a column's visibility.


The .listColumnSelector() method displays a pick-list for choosing the columns shown in a List control. The user can choose from te pick-list which columns to show and hide. The pick-list is shown relative to another control in the UX, specified as the ele parameter to the method.

For example, assume you have a button in a UX component and you would like to show/hide the columns in 'LIST1' when the button is clicked. This is the code for the button's click event: