{dialog.object}setArgumentValue Method

This method is deprecated. The only way to change an argument value is in server-side code. This change was made to close a security vulnerability. Argument values are still stored in the {dialog.object}'s .stateInfo object, but they are stored in encrypted form.


{dialog.object}.setArgumentValue(argName, argValue);



The name of the argument you want to update. The argName must be uppercase and the argument name in the component definition must also be uppercase.


The new argument value. It is always a string value. If the argument was defined as being some other type, when the argument value is set on the server-side the value will be converted to the correct type.


Sets the value of an argument.


The {dialog.object}.setArgumentValue() method allows you to set the value of an argument on the client-side. After an argument value has been set on the client-side, when the next Ajax callback occurs, the argument will have a new value when the server-side code is executed.