{dialog.object}setRepeatingSectionActiveLogicalRow Method





The name of the repeating section.


The logical row number for the active row.


Sets the active row in a Repeating Section.


The logical row number of a row in a Repeating Section and its physical row number are the same, unless rows have been deleted from the Repeating Section. When a row is deleted from a Repeating Section it is not really deleted, it is only hidden.

So, for example, assume that a Repeating Section had 5 rows to start with and then the first three rows were deleted. There would now be two visible rows, (logical row number 1 and 2), but the physical row numbers for these two rows would be 4 and 5. In order to set focus to the last visible row in the Repeating Section (logical row 2, but physical row 5) you can use the .setRepeatingSectionActiveLogicalRow() method.


This is more convenient than having to first call the ._repeatingSectionLogicalToPhysicalRow() to convert the logical row number to a physical row number, and then calling the .setRepeatingSectionActiveRow() method.

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