How to Install the Latest Alpha Anywhere Release


The latest release of Alpha Anywhere can be accessed through the Help menu in Alpha Anywhere by using the "Check for New Version" tool.


When a new release of Alpha Anywhere is made available, you can use the Check for New Version tool in the Help menu to get a link to the release download page as well as information about the current release.

Downloading the Latest Release 

  1. In Alpha Anywhere, select Check for New Version under the Help menu.

  2. If you are not running the most recent release of Alpha Anywhere, a popup window will appear with two links: Download Patches and View Release Notes.

  3. To download the latest release, click Download Patches. This will take you to the download site for the latest release of Alpha Anywhere. The build number and release date for the current release will be listed at the top of the page. EG:

    The current Alpha Anywhere (Alpha Five Version 12) build is 3962_4772 (released on 14 NOV 2016 11:26 AM).
  4. Download and run the installer for the Alpha Anywhere product you want to update. If Alpha Anywhere is already installed, you do not need to download and run the full installer.

  5. If you are using the Alpha Anywhere Application Server, download and run the installer on your server(s). The build number for the Alpha Anywhere Application Server must match the build number in the Alpha Anywhere developer environment.

    If the Alpha Anywhere developer environment is using a different build than the Alpha Anywhere Application Server, your app may not work when published. Mismatched builds usually manifest as 500 errors. To fix this issue, update the Alpha Anywhere Application Server to the same build as you are using in the developer environment.

Installers for prior releases of Alpha Anywhere can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of the Download Patches page.