SQL::ResultSet Object


SQL::ResultSet Object properties and methods.


More about the SQL::ResultSet Object

While working in the Interactive window, after creating the rs SQL::ResultSet object, you could type.



Default = 0. The number of rows in the result set. -1 If not known. Do not rely on this value, as not all drivers support it. Walk the ResultSet with .NextRow() instead.


Default = 0. The number of the current row.


Returns the current row as an object.


An array of SQL::DataTypeInfo column descriptions.


Default = 0. The number of columns in the result set.


Detailed status of the result of the call.


Not always available. An array of SQL::TableInfo table descriptions returned by the query.


The number of elements in .TableInfo.


Default = "". The syntax required to create an Alpha Anywhere .DBF table with the same columns.


Logical SizeToFit property


String ActiveLinkDBFRowSyntax property


String QuerySource property


String QueryArguments property


Logical StreamingMode property


ColumnNumber Method

Get the number of the column named.

Data Method

Get the data for the column name or index specified.

DataAsGeography Method

Takes data retrieved from a database and returns a .NET Geography object.

DataIsNull Method

Determine whether a given element is Null.

ExecutePostProcess Method

Execute portable SQL against a SQL::ResultSet, Allows for filtering after fetching a result set.

FetchPage Method

Fetch a block of one or more rows into a local cache table. Note: This function is an advanced user feature and requires some understanding of cacheing for SQL.

FormatData Method

Format the data for the column name, index or definition specified.

GoToRow Method

Position to the row requested (Note: Backward movement is not supported by all databases).

NextResult Method

Position to the next set of rows in the ResultSet (applies only when multiple results are returned).

NextRow Method

The NextRow() method fetches the next row in the SQL::ResultSet.

ToCSV Method

Convert a ResultSet to Comma Separated Variable format.

ToCSVFile Method

Write a ResultSet to a file in Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format.

ToDBF Method

Create a local copy of the result set in a .DBF table

ToExcel Method

Convert ResultSet to an Excel 2003 format (.xls) or 2007 format (.xlsx) file.

ToFormattedString Method

Copy the ResultSet to a string.

ToGridComponentDataObject Method

Convert the ResultSet to a Grid Component DataObject data and field arrays.

ToJSON Method

Convert a ResultSet to a JSON formatted string.

ToJSONFile Method

Convert a ResultSet to JSON object and store in TargetFile

ToJSONObjectSyntax Method

Convert a ResultSet to JSON object syntax.

ToOpenTable Method

Fetch data from a result set to an open .DBF table

ToPropertyArray Method

Convert the ResultSet to a property array.

ToString Method

Copy the ResultSet to a string.

ToTableInfo Method

Return the column definitions as a single SQL::TableInfo.

ToXML Method

Convert ResultSet an XML formatted string.

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