Form Types List


An explanation of the list of form types on the left side of the screen.

One of the two displays in the left side of the app window is the Form Types List. This is a list of all of the form types that exists for the logged in user's account. The name of each form type is displayed, along with its "Form ID" in parenthesis.

Selecting a form 

Clicking on a row in the Form Types List will select that form for editing. Form Properties for that form will be displayed in the Form Properties Screen in the middle part of the app window. A preview of the form will be shown in the Preview Screen on the right.

Creating a new form type 

To add a new form to the list, click on the "+" button above the Form Types List. Three new commands will be displayed: Select Template, Copy selected, and Add blank.

The "Add blank" command will add a new empty form type to the list with a default unique Form ID, and a default Display Name.

To finish creating the form, you will need to create the commands that define the form type as well as optionally give it a Display Name, Form ID, Tab Color and Icon, as well as other properties before uploading the new definition using the "Save changes" button above the list. See the Help topic on Form Properties for more information.

The "Copy selected" command will add a new form type to the list that is a copy of the currently selected form type. It will be given a unique Form ID related to the copied form definition.

The "Select Template" command will retrieve and display a list of form types that have been set as sharable for copying by the administrator of the TransForm system. To add a new form type to the list for this account that is a copy of one of these shared definitions, click on a row to select it, and then click on the "Copy selected" command above the list.

Saving the new and edited form types 

If there are new or edited form types that have not yet been uploaded and saved to the server, a "Click to save changes" button will be shown on the left above the Form Types list.

Changes are not saved unless you use the Save Changes button. Unsaved changes will be lost when the browser page is reloaded or closed, or the user logs out.

Editing the commands that define a form type 

Most of the definition of a form type consists of the list of commands that tell apps what to display, how to receive input, and how to store the data received in a particular form. When a form type is selected, an "Edit Form Commands" button will be displayed. For more information, see the Commands List Help topic.