UX PropertiesAdvanced


Advanced properties for the UX Component

Add CORS headers

When enabled, includes CORS headers in responses sent to origins making cross-site requests to the UX Component.

Capture detailed Javascript error information

Enables or disabled detailed JavaScript error reporting in the UX Component at run-time.

Convert images to base64 encoded in-line images

If enabled, base64 encodes all images referenced in the UX and embeds them in the HTML for the application.

CORS allow origins

A whitelist of origins allowed to make cross-site requests to the UX component.

CORS allow private network

Enables cross origin requests from private networks to the UX component.

Lock duration (ms)

Defines how long an event should be locked when the Temporarily lock event handlers to prevent duplicate events property is enabled.

Minimum build number

Specify the minimum build of Alpha Anywhere required to edit this component.

Processing option for lost connection

Defines what happens when the server loses connection with the app while processing an ajax callback.

Save component format

Specify if the UX Component should be saved as a binary file or as formatted JSON.

Server processing duration

The number of seconds the server should wait for an Ajax Callback to complete before terminating the process.

Server-side onBeforePopulateUXControlsFromTable Event

An Xbasic function to call before a data bound UX component is populated with data from one or more tables

Temporarily lock event handlers to prevent duplicate events

When enabled, prevents abstract events, such as the click event, from being triggered multiple times within a specified time frame.

Wrap password fields in form tags

Wraps password fields in a <form> tag.