Extension::Curl Class


libCurl class - Curl from Xbasic environment.


Examples of Curl Object usages

CURL Xbasic Overview

CURL is a popular utility that can be used for many tasks, such as making REST API calls.


Close Method

Close a curl object.

DownloadMultiple Method

Download multiple files.

Errno Method

Return curl error code.

Error Method

Return curl error message.

Escape Method

Escape a curl string.

Exec Method

Execute curl.

ExecBackground Method

Execute curl command in the background (spawns a worker thread) - useful for long operations done from the main thread.

GetInfo Method

Gets information concerning the last transfer.

Init Method

Initialize a new Curl session.

Pause Method

Pause a curl connection.

Request Method

Simple CURL request specified as JSON string or dot variable.

RequestTemplate Method

Simple CURL request template, populated from optional named resource, variables and arguments, from request JSON or supplied properties.

Reset Method

Re-initializes all curl options, restores to default value.

SetOpt Method

Sets an option .

SetOptMultiple Method

Sets an options from array or property tuples.

SetTrace Method

Enable/disable trace for this curl operation.

StrError Method

Returns the error message for a returned code.

UnEscape Method

Returns decoded string.

Version Method

Returns curl version.

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