Extension::MongoDB Class


MongoDB client, allows direct CRUD calls to a mongoDB server.



String collection property


String baseURL property


String database property


String errorText property


String username property


String password property


String certificate property


Numeric query_limit property


Numeric query_skip property


Logical formatJson property


AddRecord Method

Adds a document db record using 'id'.

BulkOperation Method

Bulk add/remove/update record operation.

Create Method

Create a mongo object.

CreateIndex Method

Create a new index.

CriteriaToJavascript Method

Converts Mongo DB style JSON criteria into a javascript comparison expression where variables are under 'doc'.

DeleteRecord Method

Deletes a document db record using 'id'.

DropAllIndexes Method

Drop all indexes.

DropCollection Method

Drop a collection.

DropDatabase Method

Delete the mongo database.

DropIndex Method

Drop an existing index.

EnsureIndex Method

Create a new index if it does not already exist.

FunctionAdd Method

Define server side javascript function.

FunctionDrop Method

Remove server side javascript function.

GetAllRecords Method

Gets all records for a document database.

GetIndexes Method

Return the indexes for the collection.

GetRecord Method

Gets a document db record using 'id'.

GetRecords Method

Get records from mongo collection that match the criteria spec.

GetRecordsToResultSet Method

Get records from mongo collection into a result set, use passed in mapping.

ListCollections Method

Get collections in the current database.

ListDatabases Method

Get top level database list.

ListFunctions Method

Return a list of the javascript functions.

MapReduce Method

Get result of a map/Reduce against a mongo collection.

ReIndex Method

Drop an recreate all indexes.

RenameCollection Method

Rename a collection.

ServerSideEvaluate Method

evaluate a passed function on the server, passing values from passed JSON argument array string.

UpdateRecord Method

Updates a document db record using 'id'.

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