Genies avaiable from the Xbasic Code Editor right click menu assist in writing code.

Flying Start Genie

The Flying Start Genie generates Grid Components for a set of tables in a database and places them in a Tabbed UI Component, allowing you to quickly create a web application to perform CRUD operations against a database. It is a great way to get a start on a new web application.

Using the Stripe API From Xbasic

The Stripe Genie, accessed from the right-click menu when you are editing Xbasic code, open a genie that shows sample code from making calls to the Stripe API.

CURL Object

Using the CURL Genie to generate Xbasic code, understanding the generated CURL Xbasic script, and flexibility with CURL

Xbasic SQL Actions Code Generator

Generate Xbasic to perform CRUD operations, including nested SQL Queries, against a data source.