Form Details


Viewing and editing the fields in the form selected in the Forms List.

About the Form Details

The Form Details displays the contents of a form instance. It shows the fields and their current values, optional descriptive and help information specific to that type of form, and lets you fill in values for the fields.

There is a menu bar at the top of the screen. Below the menu bar is the contents of the form. The menu bar usually starts with the display name and other information for the type of form being filled out, similar to the row in the List of Forms.

The form contents may optionally consist of more than the initial scrolling page, with one or more sub-pages with their own content.

Form Contents

The parts of the contents are:

  • Informative text to indicate logical grouping of fields, instructional material, as well as warning or errors. These have no functional capabilities other than being displayed.
  • Fields with a description and a current value. You provide values for a field by tapping on it to switch to an "editor" for specifying the value or, in some cases, by interacting with buttons right below the description, such as to select a choice in a button list field. Fields may also have an optional help button that displays help information when tapped.
  • Action Buttons to switch to another page, jump to a particular place in the form contents, start a Countdown Timer, initiate uploading of the current form contents to the server when tapped, or perform a custom operation defined for this particular form by the form designer.

Editors are screens used to specify the value of a field. For example, when a number field in the form contents is tapped a screen will be displayed with a keypad for entering the value.

See Form Editors for more information.

Menu Bar

The menu bar at the top of the Form Details screen has three parts:

  • The first part is a button to either end editing and return to the Forms List or to return from a page on the form to the main form contents or enclosing page.
  • The second part starts out with the Form name and form creation date/time (or whatever else is usually shown as the first two lines of the Forms List row for that type of form). If there are any problems with the form, such as missing required fields or validation errors, a red star will be displayed after the form name and the List Problems command will be enabled on the Form Details Menu.
  • As pages within the form are displayed, the start of this second part will add successive page names, pushing what was there to the right, returning them when moving back up the page hierarchy.
  • Menu button to display the Form Details Menu to access commands specific to this form: Table of Contents, History Back, List Problems, Comments, Delete Form, Duplicate Form, Change Status, Reset Form, and Help. See Form Details Menu for more information.