Main Control Bar


Confirm login, logout, Help, and more.

There is a control bar at the top of the screen. It includes a Menu button, the user name, and a button on the right to control communications with the TransForm server. Tapping the Menu button brings up a set of menu choices.

Menu Choice: Help

The Help menu choice brings up the Help screen displaying help about what is currently on the screen. On the Help screen the Show TOC button may be used to display the Table of Contents to navigate to any other part of Help. After navigating to another part of Help, the Back button may be used to traverse back to the previously displayed parts of Help.

If you press and hold the Help menu choice, the help will go directly to the Table of Contents.

Menu Choice: Duplicate Form

To create a copy of the selected form (including copies of its associated media files), tap the Menu button and then tap the Duplicate Form menu item. Duplicating a form requires confirmation. The new form will have the current date/time as its creation date/time.

Forms that have Upload Errors that prevent them from being uploaded can usually be duplicated to create a new form that is more likely able to be uploaded. See "Errors during uploading" in the Downloading, Refreshing, and Uploading help.

Menu Choice: Refresh Definitions

The Refresh Definitions menu choice downloads the latest version of the Form Types for the current account. For more information, see "Downloading or refreshing form type definitions" in the Downloading, Refreshing, and Uploading help.

There is no undo for this action.

Menu Choice: On-Device Data

The On-Device Data menu choice brings up a sub-menu with commands to update, delete, or get statistics about On-Device Data. On-Device Data is usually read-only data specific to the account used by some types of forms.

Menu Choice: Claim Forms

The Claim Forms menu choice is used to request that an unassigned form in a particular list be assigned to the current user. This menu choice may not be available depending on how the TransForm Account has been configured.

Menu Choice: Confirm login

To confirm login credentials, tap the Menu button and then tap the Confirm login menu item. This is used when a user has been logged in more than a specific amount of time (for example, two days) and the system requires re-confirmation before allowing uploading or downloading of data. A user who is already logged in can still create new forms and do editing but may not save that data back to the server until confirmation is done successfully. The app will display a prompt when confirmation is needed.

Confirmation of login requires the device to be online since it communicates with the server.

Logging out and then logging in again will lose any data that has not been uploaded. Use confirmation instead, which maintains the same login and does not erase the data.

Menu Choice: Logout

To logout the current user, tap the Menu button and then tap the Logout menu item. The user will then be prompted to login again, optionally with a different User ID and/or account.

Logging out will lose any data that has not been uploaded (a warning will be displayed). To not lose the data, but confirm login credentials, use the Confirm Login menu item instead, which maintains the same login and does not erase the data.

Upload / Refresh / Offline

The Alpha TransForm app performs almost all of its operations using only the device's hardware and data resident on the device. It only communicates with the TransForm server using WiFi or cellular data when you direct it to. Buttons in the upper-right of the Menu Control Bar are used to initiate this communication.

For more information, see Downloading, Refreshing, and Uploading.