Form Types


The list of the types of forms you may add.

About the Form Types list

The Form Types screen displays a list of the types of forms that may be added and then filled out.

The list is in alphabetic order, showing the display name of each type of form, along with the associated icon and background color. The Form ID of each type of form is also displayed. (Form IDs are unique within each account, while the display names, colors, and icons need not be unique.)

One type of form may be shown with a blue left border to make it easier to find in a long list of form types. This is usually the type of form that is currently selected on the Forms List screen.

To go back to viewing existing forms and not create a new form instance, tap the left-arrow button on the left side of the control bar at the top of the screen.

Adding a form

Tapping the row for a particular form will create a new instance of that type of form and open it for editing. See the Form Details Screen help for more information about editing a form.

Searching and Filtering the list

There are buttons to control searching and filtering the list of forms. See Search, Sort, Filter for more information about these functions.