Login Screen


Authenticating the user.

About the Login Screen

This is where you authenticate as a user. There is a text box to enter the Login Name (usually an email address) and the associated password for that user. Tapping the Login button, or using the Enter key on the keyboard when both fields have values, will initiate authentication. The server will be contacted and the credentials checked.

If the Name/Password combination are valid, the authentication sequence will continue. If the user is authorized to login to more than one account, a list of those accounts will be displayed and one must be chosen by either double-tapping on the row or tapping on the corresponding "Select" button.

Once logged in successfully to an account, the On-Device Data for that account, if any, will be updated if needed, followed by the downloading of the latest form definitions and form instances for the user. The Forms List screen will then be displayed.

Try a Demo Account

The Try a Demo Account button at the bottom of the Login Screen will login to a demonstration account with which you can experience the app. You do not need to be a registered user nor provide your email address to use the Demo Account.

Setting the Server URL

Before entering a name and password, the menu may be used to bring up the Set Server screen. This screen lets you change the URL that the app contacts when it needs to connect to the server.

Most accounts do not need the Server URL to be changed and you can use the default and not make use of the Set Server screen. You will be told by your account administrator if you need to set the Server URL.

The Set Server screen also lets you revert from a custom Server URL to the default.