Forms List


The list of form instances to edit or view.

About the Forms List

The Forms List screen displays instances of forms. These are forms that are ready to be filled out, partially filled out, or completed but still available for viewing and perhaps modification.

The Forms List is, by default for most accounts, listed in chronological order of creation. That is, the oldest forms will be displayed first. The list may optionally be sorted and filtered by form status and/or form type.

The form rows

Each row in the list represents one instance of a particular type of form. The information displayed for each row is dependent upon the type of form.

The default information for many types of forms is as follows:

The display name of that type of form is shown in large bold type. The icon associated with the form type will be shown on the left and the associated color will be used as a wide vertical bar on the left side of the row. The date/time when the form instance was first created will be shown after the display name. Some types of forms display additional information below the date/time, such as the value of certain form fields.

If the form was changed in a recent Refresh from the server and has not yet been viewed, an "(Unread)" message will be appended to the first line of the information.

The current status of the form (for example, "Open") will be displayed on the right side of the row. If there are any issues with the form (such as missing required fields or detected validation errors) red text describing the issues will also appear on the right. (Information about any issues is available when viewing the form details through a menu item.)

Other information shown on the right include messages indicating that the form is new and has not yet been uploaded to the server, messages indicating a form with edit modifications that have not been uploaded to the server, and messages indicating that the form has been deleted on the device but not yet deleted on the server.

Selecting a form

Tapping the row for a particular form will select it for viewing, editing, or deletion, and then switch to the Form Details Screen. After returning to the Forms List screen from viewing or editing a form, that form will remain selected in the list. Selection is shown with a darker drop-shadow on the row.

Viewing and editing a Form

To view and optionally edit the contents of a form Tap the form row to both select and open for edit.

See the Form Details Screen help for more information about viewing and editing a form.

Top of the screen

There is a control bar at the top of the screen. It includes a Menu button and information described in the Main Control Bar help.

Searching, Sorting, and Filtering the list

There are buttons to control searching, sorting, and filtering the list of forms. See Search, Sort, Filter for more information about these functions.

Editing a list of forms

Tapping the Edit List button below the Search, Sort, and Filter buttons brings up buttons to Delete, Duplicate, or Upload selected forms. Checkboxes will appear on each row to select forms for the operations. Tapping the checkboxes will toggle the selections.

All of the operations will display a message for confirmation before proceeding.

Deleting a form deletes all of its data. There is no "undelete". There is also a "Delete Form" Form Action menu item on the Form Details Screen Menu. Forms that have not yet been uploaded will be deleted immediately. Forms that have already been uploaded to the server will be deleted on the server the next time uploading is performed. Such "waiting to delete" forms will be marked with a message in the Forms List. However, logging out without performing an upload operation will not delete the form on the server and it will be re-downloaded on the next login.

New duplicated forms will have the current date/time as their creation date/time. Forms that have Upload Errors that prevent them from being uploaded can usually be duplicated to create a new form that is more likely able to be uploaded. See "Errors during uploading" in the Downloading, Refreshing, and Uploading help.

Adding a new form

Above the list there is an Add a Blank Form button to switch the display from the list of existing form instances to list of the types of forms available for creating new form instances.

For information about adding form instances, see the Form Types Help.

Refreshing and Uploading

Above the list is information and buttons related to downloading and uploading form data from and to the server. For more information see the Downloading, Refreshing, and Uploading.