Alpha TransForm Mobile Filler Versions


A list of changes in each new version of the Alpha TransForm form filler mobile app.

Version 7.0.0

New Browser Filler, mobile filler framework upgrade, and more.

Version 6.0.1

Various bug fixes.

Version 6.0.0

Released May 18, 2020.

Version 5.3.6

Released October 3, 2019.

Version 5.1.0

Upgraded offline data storage to handle storing more information, added additional metadata fields for user-defined data, enhanced support for HTML markup, and various bug fixes.

Version 4.0.0

The Forms List and Add Form screens have been redesigned and given additional functionality.

Version 3.1.0

Added new layout support for various screen sizes and the ability to duplicate forms. Update also includes various bug fixes.

Version 3.0.0

This is a major upgrade. Support was added for an initial release of TPL. TPL is a means by which a form designer can specify additional behavior of a TransForm form as the user fills it in, making possible much more capable form types. Support was also added for On-Device Data specific to each account along with TPL support for making use of that data. These features are used by the form designer and should not require any new training for the user of this app.

Version 2.2.7

An intermittent issue reporting an error when a form was opened for edit was fixed. An internal issue with stopwatch display was fixed. Double-tapping on the Scan button should now not try to scan twice. Swiping into an empty scanner field should now bring up the scanner display.

Version 2.2.6

The Done and Back buttons in Form Details should be a bit easier to tap reliably. An issue with Large and Original size photos was fixed. Support for date/time fields which are set to include the local timezone was added.

Version 2.2.5

Forms may be opened for viewing and editing with just a single tap instead of requiring a double-tap or press-and-hold as before.

Version 2.1.0

New editors were added for annotating images, creating drawings, scanning bar code, and capturing date and time information.

Version 1.3.0

Fixes were made to Instant Update that handle certain error situations better. Additions were made to the Tools for Support in Help to provide added manual control of Instant Update when needed.

Version 1.2.0

The "Versions" section of Help was added, along with the display of a message when a different version of the app's internal resource files is first run.

Version 1.1.0

This is the first release of Alpha TransForm Filler for mobile devices.