Form Details Menu


Commands specific to a form such as "List Problems".

The Menu button on the top-right of the Form Details displays the Form Details Menu to access commands specific to the form: Table of Contents, History Back, List Problems, Comments, Delete Form, Duplicate Form, Change Status, Reset Form, and Help. (This list of menu commands scrolls up and down if it is too large to fit on the screen.)

Table of Contents

The Form Table of Contents command switches to a compact list of all parts of the form for quick navigation. See Form Table of Contents for more information.

History Back

The History Back command steps the Form Details position back through the steps you have taken to navigate, including some scrolling, use of the Form Table of Contents, page navigation through page buttons, and navigation through other buttons. One step back is made each time the command is executed.

The Form Details Menu will not close for each step. You will need to tap either on the Menu button or to the left of the menu itself to dismiss the menu.

List Problems

If there are required fields with missing values, or if certain conditions specific to the form type are detected, the List Problems command will be enabled. Selecting this command will bring up a list of the problems that were detected.

Tapping a listed problem will navigate the form details to the corresponding location on the form.

If there are any problems with the form, enabling this command, a red star will be displayed at the top of the form details after the form name.

In addition, when errors are detected by the server with forms being uploaded, the List Problems command will also be enabled. Those Upload Errors will be shown as the first items in the list along with a description of each error.


The Comments command displays the Comments List. The list shows the comments, if any, that have been associated with the current form instance.

The comments are listed in reverse chronological order. On the Form Filler, this is a read-only list.

Comments are usually added to a form manually through the Management Console or under program control through use of the TransForm API.

Delete Form

This command deletes the form and all of its data. Deleting requires confirmation. There is no "undelete".

See the Main Control Bar help for more information about deleting a form.

There is no undo for this action.

Duplicate Form

Creates a copy of the form including copies of its associated media files, and then selects that new form on the Forms List. The new form will have the current date/time as its creation date/time.

Forms that have Upload Errors that prevent them from being uploaded can usually be duplicated to create a new form that is more likely able to be uploaded. This should be done before logging out or otherwise deleting the form with the error. See "Errors during uploading" in the Downloading, Refreshing, and Uploading help.

Change Status

Each instance of a form has a current "status" (such as "Open" or "Submitted"). The Change Status command displays a list of statuses that the form may be assigned by the logged-in user. Tap the row corresponding to the desired status.

If the status has been changed but the form has not yet been uploaded, a row for reverting to the original status will be included in the list.

Reset Form

This command reverts the form to its state when last downloaded. This may sometimes be needed to partially recover from Upload Errors. Resetting requires confirmation. There is no "unreset".

There is no undo for this action.


This command brings up Help about the Form Details.