Tools for Support


Tools that should only be used when instructed by Technical Support.

The "Tools for Support" section in the Alpha TransForm form filler help contains tools for getting details about the current state of Alpha TransForm. These tools should only be used when instructed by Alpha TransForm Support. The available tools are described below:

Show Log

Displays the log for Alpha TransForm.

Show Media Files for Form

Used to get a listing of media files for a form.

Show Instance Row Raw Data

Used to get the raw JSON data for a form.

Instant Update Tools

Detailed information about the configured Instant Update settings, including whether or not Instant Update is running, if a new version of the app is available, and an option to turn Instant Update off (not recommended.) If a new update is available, you can optionally install it using the "Update if newer available" tool.

Debug Button

This tool is only available to users with permission to use the TPL Debugger. The Debugger is used to debug TPL scripts in a form.