How to Change the Active Language

Learn how to change the active language in an application at runtime.

How to Create Right to Left Button Lists for Radio Button or Checkbox Controls

Learn how to configure Checkboxes or Radio Button controls rendered as button lists to render as right to left using a little CSS.

How to Format Numbers Using Currency Symbols

You can format numbers in the Grid (both server side and client side formatting) using the currency symbol from every country in the world. The format expression uses the new formatCurrency() function. You can specify if the currency symbol should lead or trail the number.

Localize a component
Setting the Date Format Based on the User's Locale

The date and time format can be dynamically set using the culture code on the user's device. The day and month names can also be dynamically changed based on device locale settings.

How to set Multiple Properties at Once Using Xbasic

Xbasic can be used to set one or more properties for multiple controls in a Grid or UX component. This is useful in certain situations, such as adding language tags to a large number of controls.

Supporting Device Culture Codes

The device Culture code can be used to determine the language for your application when using language and text dictionary tags.

How to Translate Labels in Reports

The Text Dictionary can be used in reports to automatically translate text, such as labels, when the report is generated.

How to Use Language Tags to Localize a Component

Language tags allow you to create 'replaceable' text based on the current active language for an Alpha Anywhere application.